Compumag TEAM-problems

Compumag TEAM-problems#

The international Compumag Societey provides a set of problems for Testing Electromagnetic Analsysi Methods (TEAM), well known as TEAM problems.

This repository collects solutions obtained from simulations with the open source finite element tool Netgen/NGSolve

This website is generated from executing a set of ipython notebooks by the jupyter tool family.

The NGSolve software and additional packages can by easily installed for the Python system using

python -m pip ngsolve jupyter numpy scipy matplotlib

The models were setup jointly by the NGSolve-team lead by Joachim Schöberl (TU Wien) and Chrisopher Lackner (CERBSim GmbH), with a leading role taken by Valentin Hanser (TU Wien). Significant contributions by Karl Hollaus, Michael Leumüller and Markus Schöbinger (TU Wien) and Matthias Hochsteger (CERBSim GmbH) are acknowledged.